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70 Glen Road, Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand

27-30 October, 2021.


Our Program in 2021


Virtual Exhibition

The Exhibition
which products and commodities, investment opportunities, tourism destinations, and technical cooperation/capacity building programs

Business matching
which facilitates companies and enterprises to find potential business partners across the Pacific

thrade investmen

Trade & Investment Forum

The Trade and Investment Forum will have deliberation on “Stepping Closer towards Economic Recovery”. The forum will use the Davos setting and feature prominent speakers and business leaders from the participating countries.


Health Forum

The Health Forum will be held on the theme “Strengthening Health Infrastructure in the Pacific”. Speakers from the Pacific region will share their experience and insights, and make policy recommendations on how to strengthen health infrastructure across the region.

fisheries forum

Fisheries Forum

The Fisheries Forum will be focused on the topic of “Developing Aquaculture Industry in the Pacific Island Countries,” speakers from participating countries will exchange views and experiences in the aquaculture industry, to forge capacity building and technical cooperation in the Pacific region.


Tourism Forum

The Tourism Forum will be held under the theme “Tourism in the Post-Covid Era”. The forum will bring in speakers from the participating countries to envision the tourism sector in the post-Covid era, as well as efforts and norms building needed by the tourism industry to recover.


Pacific Talks

The Pacific Talk is the forum for decision-makers to discuss Pacific issues in general and Pacific-related policies. Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand will speak about Pacific Elevation, Pacific Reset, and Pacific Step Up, with other heads of a delegation invited to respond and share their respective policies.

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